Friday, 20 July 2012

Acts 16:6-10. Sovereignty of God

Sorry for not posting this week, been a bit crazy and when I typed up the last one I lost it all and didn't have time to re-type. Today I read through acts 16:6-10, which was...interesting. This passage deals with Paul's second missionary journey, and he tries to go first to Asia, then to Bithiniya (the province northwest of Asia) and both times the holy spirit stops him.

So, we have Paul with plans, and God with other plans and of course Gods plans prevail. We can make as many plans as we want, but God has a plan and will accomplish it no matter what our plans are. We see this throughout all of the bible, God does his will. This is clearly shown in proverbs 16:9

'In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.'n

So, why is this a good and comforting thing? Romans 8:28 - God works for the good of his people and for his glory. Romans 12:2 - Gods will is perfect good and pleasing. Etc.

We can trust God, he will do his will and by it he will glorify himself and work for our good. Even in our struggles God works to build us to be
More like him and to cause us to trust him more.

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