Saturday, 20 July 2013

VOM Prayer Watch

UGANDA: Persecuted Teen Returns to School

Susan Ithungu, a teenager who was abused because of her Christian faith, began a new school term recently. Susan suffered permanent damage to her legs as a result of being kept in a tiny room for three months by her father. After multiple surgeries and a year in hospital, she is now able to walk with crutches. Though she’s 15, Susan will be studying at fourth-grade level because she is so far behind her classmates.

An older Christian woman and a pastor are taking care of Susan. Despite the challenges she faces, Susan moved her things into the school with a broad smile. “Thank you for your love, care, and help for me,” she wrote. “I am happy to have friends that God has sent to help me.”

Source: VOM USA

Pray for Susan’s success in school, for her health and that her faith will remain strong.
Praise God for Susan’s faithfulness, and pray that her father will repent and believe the Lord.

VIETNAM: Christian Couple Attacked for Refusal to Recant Faith

In Lao Cai province, a Christian husband and wife were beaten by police until the wife was bleeding, at which point the police stopped the beating and let the couple go. The attack has been reported to the attention of the federal government.

Source: International Christian Concern

Pray for healing for the couple who were attacked and that God would enable them to forgive their persecutors.
Pray that the police who attacked them would come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

HONDURAS: Eight Pastors Murdered

Eight pastors have been murdered in Honduras in 2013. In the most recent attack, which took place on 19 June, Pastor Eduardo Mejia was stabbed to death. Pastor Mejia led a church called "God Is Love." The other seven pastors died from gunshot wounds.

An estimated 600,000 illegal weapons circulate in Honduras. According to data released by human rights organisations, Honduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world – about 85 per 100,000 people. To date, none of the cases involving the murdered pastors has been solved.

Sources: Fuerza Latina Cristiana, VOM Sources

Pray that Jesus’ presence will comfort the hearts of grieving family members.
Pray that godly men will step up to lead these eight churches.
Pray for the perpetrators’ salvation.

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