Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Abort73 Prayer Requests

  • PRAISE: Our Moving Sale helped us sell more than 450 Abort73 shirts for the month, our highest one-month total of the year!
  • While shirt sales were up, web visits were done. There were just over 45,000 visits in August, which is our lowest one-month total of the year (by a lot) and a full 25% less traffic than we received in August 2012. That's discouraging. Pray for an increase in traffic as we enter the fall.
  • August giving ended up around $4,900 for the month. That's not our lowest total of the year, but it's close. As you pray for increased traffic, also pray for increased giving. Our shirt sale produced hundreds of orders. Our donation "sale" produced nine donations.
  • I drive a moving truck to our new home this week, along with Abort73's office equipment and inventory. Pray tour new home will help breathe new life and growth into Abort73.
Michael Spielman
Loxafamosity Ministries

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