Monday, 2 September 2013

The sights to see.

Is Jesus enough for Drug Addicts? In this blog, Mez discusses why drug addicts (and all people) not only need Jesus, but need his people. We can't just supply people with the gospel and then lave them be. We need to disciple them, train them, encourage them, help them. We need to work with them, we need to put in effort. Jesus alone can save from sin, and he is the first and most important step in turning from sin. But people need the help of God, and he helps them by using us, his people. is another great sight. Tim Challies puts up a new post every day, over a wide range of topics within the bible. A lot of the blogs I come across are links from his posts. He has plenty of posts to read, and they are very challenging, thought provoking and encouraging!

Mercy Ships. I only just found our about this organisation today. They provide life-changing and life-saving medical treatment and surgery in Africa for free. From the looks of it what they do is absolutely amazing - take a look. If you want a different perspective, check out this blog.

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