Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Sites to See

God has been speaking to me: This post is a challenge to get back into reading the psalms and to encourage others to do it also. It's a good idea! The Psalms are great!

Presents! Adam Ford has another good cartoon with a good challenge for us to consider.

Greatness awaits: Challies explores why video games appeal so much to men - they offer greatness. But true greatness doesn't come from playing games. It comes from serving Jesus.

Being in the word every day: In this post Lisa Spence looks at some good ways to work at spending time with God. It's worth reading and thinking about for men and women alike.

The Hunger Games: Christianity today offers a comment on The Hunger Games and alludes to how it is a comment on our society.

Beetle: My sister's first EP album of piano music. "For me, sharing the music is enough - 100% of the funds raised through this EP will be given to support the work of a school for Blind children in Russia."

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