Sunday, 23 June 2013

Some thoughts on Genesis 26-27

Genesis 26:6-11
Here we see one thing that's come up a lot: The sins of the fathers are often the sons of the children too. Abraham lied sayin that Sarah was his sister and Isaac does the same. Both do it to try to avoid being harmed. Parents should be honest with their kids about their struggles and kids should be able to talk to their parents about what they struggle with. If we can't talk to our parents, who can we talk to? But in another sense it is often harder to talk to ones parents. 

We should be honest with each other and help each other with our struggles. Definitely something I've gotta work on (honesty in sharing my struggles with others)
Genesis 26:12-16
God keeps his promises. He always has and he always will. We just need to keep trusting him! He promises complete forgiveness in Jesus and eternal life with him in heaven for all who genuinely put their faith in Christ.

Genesis 26:19-22
Trust God and don't get easily frustrated. He has a plan and will do it, so praise him and carry on serving him. Don't get caught up on things which don't matter or only have earthly significance.

Genesis 26:23 
God blesses his people and keeps all his promises: trust him! He also can and will provide for our needs and encourage us  as we need it (in his perfect timing). 

Genesis 27
God uses good, bad and mixed actions to bring about his promises and to bring his people to where he wants them. Nevertheless, even though he is not trumped by our sin and can work through it, he does not condone it

Isaacs blessings are entirely physical, not spiritual. Parents should want our kids to have a prosperous life. But far more than that, they should want them to be spiritually strong and to know the Lord.

I hope they were somewhat helpful! Have a great week!

Solo deo Gloria!

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