Wednesday, 26 June 2013

VOM Prayer Watch.

This is a copy of the latest Voice of the Martyrs prayer newsletter.


Islam is gaining influence in the country and Muslim extremists are trying to gain a political hold. Traditional African religions are also growing in number with members claiming that Jesus is a God of white people.

When 27-year-old Nadine became a Christian three years ago, her parents tried to convince her to leave Christianity. Nadine refused and was forced from her home. She is now living with a Christian family.

Mbuta, 43, is married and has five children. When his boss discovered Mbuta was a Christian, he asked him to leave his faith. Mbuta refused and his boss forced him to resign. Mbuta has been unable to obtain employment for three years. He and his family are suffering, but he has kept his faith in the Lord.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs Australia

Please pray for VOM workers in DRC as they bring support and encouragement to those who have suffered for their faith.
Praise the Lord for the faithfulness of Nadine and Mbuta. Ask God to provide for them and strengthen their faith in Him.

TAJIKISTAN: Convert Suffers Severe Persecution

Nadia, a Christian convert in Tajikistan, is experiencing severe persecution from her Muslim family members.

Nadia converted from Islam to Christianity in 2011 and was baptised. When her mother found out, she beat Nadia, burned her Bible and tore her clothing. Nadia tried to run away, but her brothers found her. They shaved her hair, gave her a public beating, and locked her in their house. When she ran away, they caught her again.
Nadia called a Voice of the Martyrs contact on 9 June, sobbing, and said her family had beaten her again, this time for hours, and forced her to say the Muslim statement of faith. The VOM contact has since been unable to reach her via phone.
Source: Voice of the Martyrs USA

Pray the Lord will protect Nadia and direct her to a place of safety and provision (2 Corinthians 1:10).
Please pray Nadia will remain strong in her faith and that the Lord will bring her family to Christ.

PAKISTAN: Christian Teenager Dies in Police Custody

Over 4000 Christians in Punjab recently took to the streets in protest at the alleged torture and killing of a Christian young man held in police custody. Eighteen-year-old Adnan Masih died at Sharaqpur Sharif city police station on 10 June after being detained for six days.

Adnan was arrested over the alleged kidnapping of a young Muslim woman. His family said he did not even know the woman and believe Adnan was tortured during his detainment and then killed. The police reportedly claimed Adnan committed suicide.

The family’s legal advisors believe Adnan was targeted because of his faith as other non-Christian suspects were released within a day. Three police officers have since been arrested.

Source: Release International

May God comfort Adnan's family, giving them the strength they need to pursue justice on his behalf. Pray for divine protection over the family and their legal representatives.

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