Thursday, 31 October 2013

VOM Prayer Points

KENYA: Church Set Ablaze by Rioters Seeking Retaliation

Militant Muslims, angered over the murder of an imam, sought retaliation by burning a neighbouring Salvation Army church on 4 October in the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa.
While the attack was taking place, the young militants blocked the main road leading to the church and forced police to use tear gas and gunshots to disperse the out-of-control rioting.
According to the Red Cross, four people were killed and at least seven wounded during the clashes between police and rebels, while the church was burning in flames.
A spokesperson from the country's security forces explained that the day before the church attack, the imam, Sheikh Ibrahim Omar, was killed in a drive-by shooting after preaching in a mosque linked to al-Shabaab, the Somali extremist group responsible for the torturous killing of 67 people in the 21 September attack at Nairobi's Westgate Mall.
The Kenyan government has announced that it will launch a war against the extremists due to their involvement in the horrific atrocities that took place during the mall attack. However, its security leader, Robert Kitor, has publically assured that the security forces were not involved in the killing of Sheikh Omar.
Sources: BBC, Reuters, CP World

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the citizens of Kenya who are suffering grief, shock and devastation. Ask the Lord of all comfort to minister His love and grace to them.
  • Pray for those in authority, attempting to bring an end to the work of this terrorist organisation. Ask the Lord to grant them His favour and protection.
  • Pray many in the terrorist group will be granted an opportunity to hear the Gospel and be transformed by the Holy Spirit.

COLOMBIA: Terrorist Bombing Threatens Christians and Neighbouring Families

Greg Musselman of Voice of the Martyrs Canada, who has recently returned from Colombia, reports that a bomb blast took place near the home of one of VOM￿s in-country ministry partners, causing terrible destruction in the neighbouring area.
This former FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) commander-turned-evangelist is not sure if the blast was meant as a warning for him to cease his Christian activity.
This particular bombing incident, which took place in the country's Cauca state, has caused injuries to at least nine victims, including children. Police commander Ricardo Augusto Alarcon states that the explosion has also left a six-foot deep hole in the road and damaged at least 10 houses.
The police are blaming Colombia's largest rebel group, FARC, for the attack, specifically the group's 6th Front, which operates in the area and controls much of the marijuana production in Cauca.
Although VOM's dedicated ministry partner is well aware of the dangers he and his family are facing while spreading the message of God's love, such acts of violence and terrorism will not deter him from continuing the work of the ministry.
Sources: Colombia Reports, Voice of the Martyrs Canada

Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord for this faithful worker. Pray the Lord will protect him, his family and his contacts. Pray for those suffering injury as a result of the blast.
  • Ask the Lord to intervene in Colombia's troublesome areas where different factions of the FARC terrorist group are threatening the safety, well-being and peace of the country's citizens.
  • Pray for the members of the FARC. May the Lord work in their hearts and minds to reveal Himself to many.

NEPAL| Christian Killed While Praying for His Attacker

An elder in the Believers Church in Nepal, which is supported by Gospel for Asia, was killed in the early morning hours of 20 October 2013 during prayer for a sick man.
Debalal, 36, was called to the home of Kumar Sardarat at 3am to pray for his severe pain. Debalal was at first reluctant to go because of the late hour and because Kumar and his family are devout Hindus.
As Debalal prayed, Kumar left the room and returned with a sharp, curved knife called a khukuri and an iron rod. He beat Debalal severely with the iron rod before slitting his throat, killing him. None of the neighbours, who should have been able to hear the attack, intervened.
Kumar is in police custody. Debalal leaves behind a wife and son. According to a VOM worker, Debalal's wife is very depressed.
Sources: Voice of the Martyrs USA, Gospel for Asia

Prayer Points

  • Ask the Lord to be close to Debalal's wife and son as they come to terms with the shock and grief. Pray they will realise that the Lord walks with them during this time of great suffering (Psalm 23).
  • Pray the perpetrator will be brought to justice in this life and to repentance for the next.
  • Pray the Lord will bless Nepali Christians with a spirit of boldness to allow them to continue to serve Him in spite of the dangers.

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